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About Chandler’s Ford Chaplaincy


Chaplaincy in different forms has been around for centuries, although Workplace Chaplaincy has only developed since the Second World War.

A few years ago, some local Christians felt that God had placed on their hearts a desire to serve the many businesses in Chandler’s Ford through a Chaplaincy service.

After obtaining the agreement of all the local churches, a steering group was established in December 2015 to explore how this could be done. As part of this work, established Chaplaincies throughout the country were contacted in order to learn from their experiences and best practice. It was always the desire that the Chandler’s Ford Chaplaincy should operate on a professional basis, in line with the expectations and demands on modern businesses today, and the policies and structure of the Chaplaincy have been developed with this in mind.

In May 2017, the first Chaplains were trained and in July 2017 the Charity Commission agreed the application for the formation of the Chaplaincy as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The Chaplaincy has a Board of Trustees who are responsible for its governance and oversight of activities. Also in July 2017 the first contacts with local businesses began.