For Employers

What are the benefits of Chaplaincy for Companies?

‘The hallmark of good Chaplaincy is increased harmony in the workplace.’

  • Evidence shows that people who feel that they are properly listened to, experience lower levels of stress.
  • Inviting Chaplaincy in sends a powerful message to your workforce that you want to support them.
  • The Chaplaincy is not a formal counselling service however it can be regarded as complementing existing provision and services in your firm.
  • The Chaplaincy service is open to all without discrimination and is a confidential, free service.
  • A Chaplain remains independent of the company or business he or she visits.
  • A Chaplain, as a representative of the local churches, acts as a bridge builder with the company or business.
  • A Chaplain’s visits are organised with the agreement of the staff and management at a mutually convenient time and for an agreed duration and frequency.
  • Chaplains aim to be a friendly presence on site and work hard at not being in the way, all the while gradually building up good relationships with staff.

If you would be interested in Chandler’s Ford Chaplaincy supporting your business, we’d love to explore this further with you. Please contact us.